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The best thing about Paint the Town REaD is the sense of community.

The idea behind the name is that ‘painting the town red’ carries the feeling of celebration. Bringing the community together with excitement and enthusiasm.

That’s the literacy culture we strive to create.

Inspiring change, positive action and inclusive events for everyone in the community.

Our diverse communities all run differently, but with a strong vision underpinning everything they do: all children will start school ready to learn.

We provide support to bring together community groups, agencies and businesses to make PTTR a reality. It’s exciting to see what develops, and the creativity of everyone involved.

Th nationwide network of PTTR communities keeps growing and making a difference, bringing about lasting change and brighter futures for Australia’s children.

Paint The Town REaD is not a cookie cutter franchise. Each location customises its programs to fit its local community. Each new group brings new ideas as it borrows what it needs from others.

What I truly love about the program is the open and willing flow of information from existing Paint The Town REaD to new Paint The Town REaD… there doesn’t appear to be any withholding of ideas or ‘what we did is best’.

Everyone was happy to help, advise and share their ideas and experiences.

This is a very rare thing to experience and I’m sure is one of the many reasons why Paint The Town REaD communities are popping up all over the country and have such a great following. It is genuinely encouraging and enabling opportunities for reading with children, there is no hidden agenda and THAT’S GREAT!

PTTR community coordinators

Local Groups

Contact us if you’d like to start a group in your community

There are over 80 PTTR groups across Australia

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