Keynote speakers

Aunty Jacinta Tobin           Songlines and Singing

Aunty Jacinta is a Darug Elder, Songwriter and Singer. She has worked in preschools to universities using music and her community worker background to educate all on Darug Language, songs and local Darug stories. Aunty Jacinta holds a Masters in Social Ecology.

Dr Marina Kalashnikova   Mother-infant interactions and language development in the first years of life

Marina is a Researcher in Infancy Studies and MARCS BabyLab Leader, MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, University of Western Sydney.

Kerrie Dominish                  Music and Singing to Support Language Development

Kerry is the CEO of EarlyEd Early Childhood Intervention Service and a Speech Pathologist with many years of clinical practice using music and singing.

Dr Amanda Howard          Asset based community development and early literacy. Where to from here?

Amanda is the Program Convenor School of Humanities & Social Science, University of Newcastle

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