Congratulations, Michelle. Shire of Yilgarn Australia Day Active Citizenship Award

Michelle Calderbank was presented with WA’s  Shire of Yilgarn Australia Day Active Citizenship Award for her significant contribution to supporting the Yilgarn community.

Michelle set up Paint the Yligarn REaD in her own time to provide the next generation of children in Southern Cross with the best possible chance to reach their potential. Michelle is a high school English teacher. She has witnessed first hand the significant challenges for young people who have missed out on important early literacy foundational experiences.

A long-time resident in Southern Cross, Michelle has had the connections and the respect in the community to engage everyone in supporting and spreading the PTTR message. This includes her high school students who eagerly took on the catering role  at the launch event, and gained catering qualifications in the process.

Michelle has a number of other voluntary roles in the community, such as running the Young Entertainers program for the past 12 years and active involvement in sporting clubs.

Congratulations to Michelle — a great PTTR Champion.

Michelle with award
Michelle receiving her Australia Day Award.
And yes, singing is an important part of the PTTR message.
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